Searching for new ways of working?
Looking to re-think your role as artist?
Suffering from lack of creativity?
Requiring more confidence and motivation?

Do not fear the Artist’s Training Programme™ is here for you!

The Artist’s Training Programme™ is the brainchild of Ellie Harrison BA PGDip. Pooling readily available material from the worlds of self-help, self-improvement, news-media and entertainment, the Artist’s Training Programme™ aims to provide an intensive schedule of cultural enrichment, political engagement, personal enhancement and neurological development.

In just four weeks this challenging programme will educate, inspire and empower the most disengaged and disenfranchised artists giving them purpose, drive and application.

After completing the Artist’s Training Programme™ you too will be able to confidently develop your practice in new directions, utilise your new found knowledge, make culturally aware and socially engaged works and ‘work it’ in the art world.

Give it a go today!

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Paul McKenna PhD Ellie Harrison BA PGDip Dr Ryuta Kawashima