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Cultural Enrichment

This section requires artists to absorb themselves in a full spectrum of culture from pop to high-art. Artists are required to undertake a set number of research activities each day, but are also expected to follow up areas of particular interest with additional research. This may include: reading further texts, viewing websites, visiting exhibitions, watching films or documentaries.

The programmed research activities are: listen to ‘Front Row’ on BBC Radio 4 Online (daily), listen to BBC 3 Arts Podcast (weekly), read Art Monthly, Frieze and Variant (part of each daily), read Heat Magazine (weekly).

“My research indicates that it is vital for artists to be well informed about all aspects of culture. Cultural awareness will provide artists with a rich plateau of potential influences and will ensure works created are relevant to contemporary discourse.”

Ellie Harrison BA PGDip
Founder of the Artist’s Training Programme™
Ellie Harrison BA PGDip

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