Neurological Development

For this section of the training artists will require a Nintendo DS console and a copy of Dr Kawashima’s ‘Brain Training’. For up to ½ hour each day, artists will undertake ‘Brain Training’ exercises.

“The pre-fontal cortex is the front section of the brain. It is essential for artists to fully utilise its capabilities because it is the source of creativity, memory, communication and self-control.

It is a great honour for ‘Brain Training’ to be part of the
Artist’s Training Programme™. The other sections of the schedule involve reading and digesting large amounts of information. By regularly exercising the pre-frontal cortex using ‘Brain Training’, we can insure that artists are able to retain this knowledge and to manage and employ it successfully when creating new works for different situations and contexts.”

Dr Ryuta Kawashima
Creator of ‘Brain Training’ for Nintendo DS
Dr Ryuta Kawashima

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