Political Engagement

For this section of the training artists are required to watch two quality news programmes each day (on weekdays): Channel 4 News and Newsnight on BBC 2. These will provide in-depth knowledge of, and critical debate about, political events and current affairs.

In addition, artists will undertake a reading programme in which a different daily newspaper is digested each day, providing a full spectrum of political opinion. The schedule is: Guardian (Mondays), Times (Tuesdays), Telegraph (Wednesdays), Independent (Thursdays), Daily Mail (Fridays), The Mirror (Saturday), News of the World (Sunday).

“My research has shown that the most successful works of art in some way reference their political or social context. After in-depth study into political debate and public opinion, artists will be able to incorporate profound and knowing references in their works.”

Ellie Harrison BA PGDip
Founder of the Artist’s Training Programme™
Ellie Harrison BA PGDip

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